Euphorix® energy drink




Euphorix® energy drink is infused with compounds found in one of the most globally prized Chinese Medicine plants. Camellia Sinensis, is cherished around the world for its positive effects on health and well-being.

 In addition to containing the world’s most desired natural alkaloid – caffeine – the plant also contains theanine – a rare amino acid. Theanine has research supporting its various benefits, and is known to affect a range of the brain’s feel good neurotransmitters. Theanine has also been shown to promote the production of alpha brand waves, which support a zen-like state of mind.

The synergistic infusion of theanine and naturally extracted caffeine, in a precision ratio with our other carefully selected botanical extracts, promotes motivation. In addition to mental clarity, and an elevated sense of well-being, while helping eliminate jitters and a crash.

Theanine has the additional benefit of promoting potent antioxidant activity, and has been shown to help elevate levels of the body’s most powerful natural antioxidant and detoxifier – glutathione.  Also studied for its ability to help the liver detoxify alcohol, can help reduce or eliminate hangover symptoms.

Euphorix® energy drink is infused with a patented and clinically studied pure theanine called Suntheanine®.